02 August 2011

83812863American reality television star Audrina Patridge has revealed that she would consider having plastic surgery in the future if she thought it was necessary. In an interview with More! magazine, Patridge said: I havent had facial surgery or anything like that, but if I felt I needed it, I would.In the same interview she advised her young fans to wait until they were a little bit older before considering cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation to avoid having surgery and regretting it when they are older. Patridge also admitted to being insecure about her breasts, complaining that a hereditary condition means that one breast looks as though it sits higher than the other. I actually have a chest problem, she said. Its genetic and I try not to let it get to me, but it can look bad in a bathing suit. It looks like its higher on the right than on the left. However, Patridge insists that she ignores negative comments having learnt that taking any notice of them makes her feel down.