22 May 2009

I'm a big fan of quite a few reality TV shows - although some are certainly more interesting than others - and I can't help but read all the gossip about the contestants. Even the ones I am destined to forget as soon as the show is off the air! And recently I noticed something interesting - some shows seem to attract more cosmetic surgery fans than others.You might be wondering what I mean. Well, look at Big Brother. Over the years there have been loads of contestants who've had cosmetic surgery. Then what about I'm a Celebrity? Practically everyone on that show had had a little help of one kind or another - think of Jordan, Dani Behr and Esther Ranzen. Then at the other end of the scale there are reality shows like Hell's Kitchen where you don't hear much about surgery. Then there's my favourite show of the moment - The Apprentice. Earlier in the week we heard news that Apprentice hopeful Debra had a boob job, but the fact that it's so rare for contestants of that show to come out with announcements like is what got me thinking. At the moment The Apprentice is well behind other shows in the surgery charts - but will the recent surgery trends end up affecting this. Here at Harley, we released figures earlier this month that showed that the number of men turning to plastic surgery has increased by about a quarter in the last year. And even more interestingly, it's city workers, civil servants and men who work in politics, law and accountancy that are most likely to have treatments - not who you might expect, right? And that makes it look to me as though the contestants of The Apprentice could be next in line for non surgical or surgical cosmetic procedures! There's been quite a lot of evidence recently that suggests that youthful looks are key to confidence in the business world and it's certainly true that businessmen have been embracing cosmetic surgery, especially during these troubled time. I for one am going to be keeping a close watch on those contestants. Maybe I'll be the first person to spot a new trend!