Reasons to rejoice at oily skin

Reasons to rejoice at oily skin

3 February 2015

Many people moan about having oily skin but there are actually many benefits. With new research showing that oily skin sufferers are less likely to develop Acne, let’s take a look at the other reasons to rejoice at having oily skin.

  • Ageing more slowly

Oily skin prolongs ageing so you will enjoy looking younger for longer.

  • Radiant glow

The natural shine will give you a permanent radiant glow, eliminating the need for face masks.

  • No more creams

You’ll also notice that your skin doesn’t feel itchy and dry during the winter. For that reason, you can skip the extra moisturising creams, saving you a penny or two.

  • Wrinkles be gone

Oily skin can also help to mask wrinkles – just make sure you keep your skin hydrated from the inside with plenty of water.

  • Flawless makeup

Oily skin is also an ideal base for applying makeup, reducing any cakey looks and leaving you with flawless looking skin.


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