21 January 2013

While Botox is still a very popular way for people to fight wrinkles, some new and unusual anti-ageing treatments are finding their way on to the market. ABC News has reported that Annelise Hagen, a yoga instructor from New York, is promoting new yoga exercises for the face, which she claims have the same face-lifting effects as Botox and surgery.Each exercise targets a different area of the face and is designed to increase blood flood, thus stimulating the production of collagen. An even more unusual approach to anti-ageing is the Vampire Face Lift. This is when blood is drawn from the patients arm and put through a processor to isolate the platelets, which are a clotting agent. These are then injected into the face where needed to increase the production of collagen. If neither of these appeal, individuals could try Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplements, which work to restore the bodys HGH levels that naturally begin to fall as they age. Alternatively, they may prefer to stick to the tried and tested Botox treatment, which has already helped so many people tackle the signs of ageing.