Record numbers of men turning to Non Surgical treatments

Record numbers of men turning to Non Surgical treatments

26 August 2015

There was a time when beautifying and Cosmetic Surgery where primarily the realm of women. But, in an increasingly competitive job market and spurred on by their other halves, increasing numbers of men are now looking to enhance their looks with Non Surgical treatments.

It’s reported that growing numbers of men now see maintaining their appearance as a necessity to compete in a younger job market where professionals are increasingly judged on their appearance. Treatments like Dermal Fillers or Line and Wrinkle Treatments can hide the strain of a stressful job and give men a, “stronger, powerful, confident look” as one Surgeon describes it.

The approach to Non Surgical enhancements varies between the sexes however, with men generally opting for what the Surgeon describes as an “executive approach”. This involves less frequent appointments than a female patient might opt for, but a greater amount of treatments each time.

The Surgeon describes, “Fillers, a skin tightening treatment and Botox once a year. Then every six months, Botox again; women typically come back every three to four months when it wears off.”

Treatments for sun damage, uneven complexion and fat removal are also becoming popular as men try and fight signs of ageing. “We can rebalance and give them back volume in a very masculine, healthy, natural and handsome way without making them look ‘done’.”

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Image credit: Andrev_Popov/ Shutterstock