20 April 2011

Dermatologists have hailed the humble red grape as a potential treatment for the problem of fine lines and wrinkles. New research suggests that the skin of the fruit contains powerful antioxidants that, when harnessed, could have similar smoothing effects to those of injectable Botox treatments. Some anti-ageing creams already contain resveratrol, an ingredient that is taken directly from the sap of grape vines, but latest findings suggest that the same ingredient can also be found in red wine. In an interview with the May issue of Allure magazine, Jeanette Graf, a leading dermatologist, hails the findings and agrees that the grape could hold the key to sun protection. She said: Studies show that resveratrol suppresses UV-induced damage, which can protect against skin cancer. It's great at fighting free radical damage and is right up there with Coffee Berry and idebenone as an excellent antioxidant.