‘Regular tiny fixes’ the secret to looking younger for longer according to one Cosmetic Surgeon

‘Regular tiny fixes’ the secret to looking younger for longer according to one Cosmetic Surgeon

10 November 2015

Dr Gerald Imber is a Manhattan based Cosmetic Surgeon whose controversial approach to anti-aging treatments is sparking much debate among skin care professionals. The Surgeon recommends starting young and keeping up ‘regular tiny fixes’, in the form of Non Surgical Treatments, to prolong a youthful appearance.

Some experts are sceptical about his approach, but with a legion of loyal patients including celebrities, politicians and socialites maybe there’s something to the Surgeon’s unusual approach!

Dr Gerald insists, “If someone approaches anti-ageing properly, a person in their 30s can look essentially the same for the next 30 years… There is no reason why a 60 year old can’t be the hottest looking woman in the room.”

His advice essentially challenges the idea of leaving Cosmetic Treatments until later in life.  Dr Gerald is an advocate of regular non invasive treatments to help his patients age gracefully – and the regime starts as early as your 20s.

“We need to stop thinking surgical intervention happens in your 60s. Surgery is best done when your skin can accommodate it. I am not talking about major Face Lifts, but a little intervention.” Dr Gerald suggests treatments like Skin Peels, Botox, Dermal Fillers, Laser Skin Treatments and Fat Transfers as soon as you being to notice signs of ageing. As well as preventative healthy living  measures such as not smoking, SPF, maintaining a steady weight and drinking green tea for its anti-oxidants. 

“When a woman hits her 50s, you can tell the people who took all the self-help measures… It’s not about age, it’s about the mirror… When you are young the skin is elastic and will shrink back. If you wait until your 50s it won’t.”

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Image credit: ATeam/ Shutterstock