13 April 2011

Richard Hammond, a co-presenter on BBC2 motoring show Top Gear, has attracted attention after appearing at an event in the capital with particularly smooth skin. The 37-year-old was photographed at the Carphone Warehouse Appy Awards looking particularly youthful, leading to speculation that the television star may have had Botox injections in order to reduce the appearance of his wrinkles. According to Hammondís spokesperson though, the presenterís fresh-faced look was simply down to the lighting at the event rather than non-surgical solutions. He said: "Richard hasnít had anything done. It could be the lighting that has made him appear younger. " But not everyone is convinced. Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, Dr Roberto Viel, from the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery, thinks Hammond has received treatment. He said: "It appears as if Richard could have undergone a blepharoplasty to remove bags and excess skin around the eyes. The area looks much less puffy than previously. "I would also say that the wrinkles around the eyes have lessened, indicating he could have also had Botox to smooth out crowís feet."