23 August 2012

New 3D technology has been developed that allows patients to digitally modify what they look like before they undergo surgery. Created in the US, the Vectra 3D high-definition camera is used to capture images of patients from six different angles, the New Zealand Herald explains.These images are put together on a screen to create a 3D portrait. People can then use a computer to edit the image and see what they would look like if they had a tummy tuck, underwent breast surgery or had their nose reshaped. Surgeon Adam Bialostocki, who runs a clinic called Bay Plastic Surgery in New Zealand, is trialling the equipment for six months. He said women having their breasts increased often worry about whether their chest will look too big once the procedure has been done, so the new technology gives them peace of mind. “Now we can use their own picture and they can stand back and say, 'No, a little bit more here, a little less there,' and show me what they've really got on their mind,” he said. Mr Bialostocki added the technology helps people to manage their expectations about what surgery can achieve.