24 February 2011

Confidence comes from a combination of life experience and good skin, according to a recent survey published by online news site American Health and Beauty. The study revealed that 66 per cent of women are happy with their overall appearance and 65 per cent of those said that stretch marks or other skin imperfections dont have much of an impact on this. However, 42 per cent admitted that their confidence would probably increase if they could iron out these blemishes. Self-confidence also appears to grow with age, with 48 per cent of women admitting that they are more confident now than they were 10 years ago. The results revealed that women aged 55 or younger tended to be more concerned with stretch marks than those aged 55 plus. When interviewed following the results of the survey, psychologist Dr Marci Fox told women: Dont be afraid to use a product or ask for help. These days there are some great stretch mark treatments available and consumers should look for FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved solutions in UK clinics.