Report delves into the reasons for growth in men's Liposuction

05 February 2014

Man with six packMen seeking Liposuction and similar treatments often aren't technically overweight – they simply want to achieve a more 'sculpted' body look. That's the conclusion of a Daily Telegraph article which delves beneath the recent statistics that showed a 28 per cent increase in the number of men undergoing the procedure – a rate of increase nearly twice that for Cosmetic Surgery in general.In it, writer Stephen Doig points out that, as the late morning starts around this time of year put a dampener on even the most determined New Year resolution to get up early and exercise, Liposuction is being increasingly seen as a credible way of whittling away excess around-the-middle fat. "It is now the fourth most popular Cosmetic Surgical procedure in Britain, behind Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery), Blepharoplasty (Eye Bag Removal) and Breast Reduction," he points out, and cites evidence from one London Cosmetic Surgeon, who claims the numbers of men and women having the procedure are about equal. The article goes on to cite two examples of men, in their early to mid-30s, who said their fat removal procedures had created instant results. Both newcomers to Cosmetic Surgery, they admitted to variously being "astonished" by the transformation achieved, and describing it as "a lot better than I expected". "This fast fix might seem like a cheat," Doig concludes, but he then ends by quoting one of his sample patients, who says: "There's a goal. It doesn't matter how you get there." Would you ever consider Liposuction if you struggled to lose the fat, or would you persevere with traditional exercise techniques?