18 April 2013

stk212518rkeAlmost a quarter (24 per cent) of men would like their wives or girlfriends to have plastic surgery, new research has revealed. Of these respondents, 12 per cent admitted they would tell their partner that surgery would improve their appearance, the survey conducted by revealed.Liposuction was the most popular form of surgery, with 57 per cent of men revealing this is what they would most like their partner to undergo. Breast enlargement was the second most popular option, followed by dental surgery, a nose job and Botox. A spokesman for said: It seems that 12 per cent of men are either braver, or possibly, more stupid than me. It would take somebody with a fair amount of courage to tell their partner that they'd benefit from cosmetic surgery. Some 52 per cent of men said they wouldnt tell their partner their feelings in case they upset them, while 23 per cent said they wouldnt want to cause an argument. A total of 1,248 British men were questioned for the research. Read the full story here: