Research reveals our ideal man and woman

9 April 2015

A recent study into Britons’ ideal beauty has enabled scientists to electronically generate the faces of the most beautiful woman and man.

100 people were asked to rate physical features including hair colour and nose size for attractiveness. The results showed that the most attractive woman would have a heart-shaped face with full lips and striking eyebrows.

The most beautiful man was found to have a strong jawline covered in stubble, and dark hair. Interestingly, women rated qualities such as full lips, large eyes and high cheekbones as the most attractive features in a woman, while the female respondents’ ideal man had a softer jawline and more clean-shaven face than the masculine appearance rated as most attractive by male respondents.

The results show that what we think is beautiful about our own gender is often not considered the most attractive by our counterparts.

Dr. Chris Solomon of the University of Kent (and specialist in facial mapping) said: “It’s important to note that these are the idealised faces according to those living in the UK, so a study in Asia or Africa for example would no doubt have different results.”

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Image Credit Attribution: IPGGutenbergUKLtd/ iStock/ Thinkstock