15 July 2013

stk212527rkeNew research has shed some light on why men and women appear to age differently – and hinted at what they can do to combat the signs of advancing years. It is well known that the average woman will live longer than the average man. But in terms of appearance, men do not age at a faster rate.According to Dr Sam Speron, a cosmetic surgeon from Chicago, one area where age has a major impact is skin. He says that if you were to put a man next to a woman of the same age, you will often notice the male looks younger. This is because men secrete slightly more sebum or oil on the skin than women, making them sweat more and allowing them to produce more hair. Oily skin usually means thicker skin layers and as a result men have skin 25 per cent thicker than women. Although his research shows one type of skin may age quicker than another, there are also a number of external factors that can encourage the signs of ageing. Dr Speron says a good daily skincare routine is essential, regardless of what gender you are. “In either men or women, the best way to slow skin ageing is to be sure to use a sunblock with an SPF of at least 30 every time you step outside,” he said. “This habit will help reduce the ageing effects of the harmful UV rays to your skin. “Men and women have different skin properties but sunblock, proper nutrition, regular exercise and getting a good night’s sleep are vitally important for both.”