29 March 2012

An injectable could soon be used to help treat people in Europe and the US who suffer from overactive bladder complaints. According to a report by Business Week, Allergan Inc, which manufactures Botox, has applied to regulators for permission to market its product as a suitable treatment for urinary incontinence.The company has just announced the results of late-stage trials which revealed Botox was significantly more effective than a placebo at reducing leaky bladder problems in sufferers. Widely known for its cosmetic applications such as fighting wrinkles, Botox has already been approved for therapeutic use in cases where patients have an overactive bladder as a result of a neurological condition, such as a damaged spinal cord and multiple sclerosis. Allergan now wants to see Botox approved for use in situations where the cause is unknown. Sales of Botox in 2011 hit $1.59bn, roughly split 50/50 between cosmetic and therapeutic sales. Allergan has predicted that sales this year could increase to $1.8bn. See the original article here: