26 August 2014

Statistics show the rise in popularity of Non Surgical treatments in recent years, with Skin Resurfacing solutions such as Fractional Laser Therapy taking precedence over Chemical Skin Peels and Ablative Therapy.Findings from iData Research show that Laser and Light Therapy devices in the US are forecasted to grow by over 15 per cent by 2019, due to the surge in demand for Fractional Laser Therapy as a Skin resurfacing solution. CEO of iData, Dr. Kamran Zamanian discusses the reasons why Fractional Laser Therapy has come to replace other Non Surgical treatments when it comes to treating Wrinkles, Scars and correcting Uneven Pigmentation. He says: Their popularity can be attributed to the decreased recovery time compared with conventional ablative therapy, with recovery times for Fractional Laser Resurfacing taking between four and ten days, compared to two to three weeks for Conventional Ablative Therapy. Have you ever undergone Fractional Laser Therapy to treat Stretch Marks and Scars? Let us know about your experience on Facebook.