24 July 2014

We all have body hang-ups its a part of being human. Research has found that as a nation, we have the most problems with our stomachs, closely followed by love handles and upper arms, with almost a third of Britons admitting that their stomach was their most hated feature.Other problems such as bingo wings, muffin tops, and thighs made their way onto the list of the UKs biggest body hang-ups, while bottoms featured both on this list and on the list of most loved features. Almost four in 10 respondents said that if money was no issue, they would consider taking action to change their least loved body features. Interestingly, enquiries into Rhinoplasty surgery (Nose Jobs) have increased by 117 per cent in the last year, while Arm Lifts have risen by a staggering 564 per cent in the same amount of time. One Cosmetic Surgeon commented: Anyone looking into any kind of procedure should be 100% sure they are doing it for the right reasons and have realistic expectations of the results. Although price can be a determining factor, make sure it isnt your sole focus as things such as good reviews and aftercare are far more important. Whats your biggest body hang-up and would you consider undergoing Cosmetic Surgery to change it?Send us a tweetwith your views.