11 August 2014

Weíre constantly being told that establishing a good Skin Care regime and sticking to it will do wonders for our skin. Thatís why itís so surprising that new research shows younger women are forgoing a proper Skin Care regime, with less than one in five thirty year olds bothering to attend to their skin daily. Shockingly, only 24 per cent of women in their thirties use a daily moisturiser, unlike their forty, fifty and sixty year old counterparts. The reason for not doing so? ďA third say they canít be bothered, one in five forget and a fifth believe itís too time consumingĒ, according to an article on femalefirst.co.uk. Worse still is the amount of thirty year olds who do not remove their make-up before going to bed Ė more than 50 per cent in comparison to just 22 per cent of sixty year old women. According to leading Make-Up Artist, Alana Phillips: ďAs a make-up artist I am concerned by this new research, especially that so many young women are failing to remove their make-up before going to bed. ďNot only will this clog the pores which can lead to spots and blackheads, but it can also age the skin.Ē Calling all women Ė do you follow a Skin Care regime daily? Send us a tweet with your Skin Care tips.