01 April 2009

A new report has shown that Botox might provide more than just a boost to your appearance. Experts have found that those who undergo the non-surgical treatment also experience a boost in mood, as the injection literally gets rid of frowns.The study from the University of Cardiff followed 25 patients, 12 of whom received the Botox jabs. Others chose dermal fillers, chemical peels and other wrinkle treatments. Patients were then asked to fill out a test measuring their mood levels two weeks later. Michael Lewis, lead author of the study, told Time Magazine: "The Botox patients scored much lower on measures of depression, anxiety and irritability. "Crucially, there was no significant difference in how much their treatment made them feel attractive from those who had other treatments, suggesting that [the mood boost] wasn't just down to a boost in self-confidence." A previous study conducted in 2006 found that Botox injections helped eliminate symptoms of depression in nine out of ten clinically depressed women. Joel Schlessinger, a former president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery, said at the time: "I have noted frequently that my patients who receive Botox seem happier." That study noted that the injections made the depressed person unable to frown, and also stopped others from frowning back at them - thereby breaking a negative loop. Lewis adds that he believes that facial muscles can directly influence brain activity, meaning those who appear to be happy are more likely to be so.