Revealed: the 7 stock poses of the Insta-girl!

Revealed: the 7 stock poses of the Insta-girl!

14 September 2015

Want to boost your followers on Instagram? If you’re looking for a slice of the success enjoyed by your favourite celebs on the image sharing platform then we might just have cracked their winning formula!

With a surge of under 30s turning to Cosmetic Surgery to help them look better in their selfies, it seems we take a good Instagram shot very seriously. So can you fake full-time flawlessness?

Absolutely, essentially all you need to do is master these seven signature poses and you’ll be well on your way to internet fame. Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kylie and Kelly Brook are the masters of these Instagram shots and if it’s good enough for them, we’ll definitely be giving it a go!

  1. The ‘I’m so beautiful’ – this is essentially your best selfie. Never mind that it took you 20 attempts to get the right shot or that you lied about #nofilter - channel your inner Kim K and get pouting.
  2. In bed with… – follow the advice of Queen Bey and show them you ‘woke up like this’. With a hint of cleavage and glowing make-up free skin, the ‘in bed with’ shot is all about looking effortlessly gorgeous.
  3. Hello boys Рmodesty goes out of the window and this picture is all out sexy. Think Rihanna at carnival or Beyonc̩ in that Met Gala dress and flaunt it!
  4. Shameless plug – a little bit of self-promotion is what social media’s all about after all, so give your work achievements a mention too.
  5. Sweaty workout – this photo is to prove you work hard for that killer body. Squats, weight lifting, personal trainer sessions and spin classes are all popular subjects.
  6. Swimwear – to show off the results of all those work outs!
  7. Holiday envy – sun soaked selfies are the ultimate, glamorous Instagram shot, so snap as many as you can.

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Image credit: taylorswift/ Instagram