26 November 2012

Nose reshaping is one of the most popular procedures performed by plastic surgeons and new techniques mean they are now capable of carrying out more complex operations than ever before. According to an article posted on, there are two main types of nose reshaping procedures open and closed rhinoplasty.The open rhinoplasty technique requires the surgeon to make small incisions at the base of the septum and the crease where the nose meets the cheek. The skin can then be separated from the underlying cartilage and bone, giving the surgeon good access to the structure of the nose. Alternatively, in a closed rhinoplasty the surgeon will make an incision in the septum inside the nose, before making any structural changes through these incisions. Although the second option is less invasive, it means the surgeon has a more limited visual field. Once the surgery is complete, both methods of treatment will require the surgeon to sew up the incisions before using a splint to support the new shape of the nose while it stabilises. Read the full story here: