Rhinoplasty top requested procedure among those under 35

Rhinoplasty top requested procedure among those under 35

30 January 2015

Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping surgery) proved popular in 2014. Although the third most requested Cosmetic Surgical procedure behind Facelifts and Blepharoplasty, it came out in top position among women and men under 35.

Toronto-based Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. David Ellis put “rhino-popularity” down to this procedure having the most impact on a person’s overall appearance, adding that “even a minor correction to the nose can make a huge improvement in facial harmony.”

There are many reasons for undergoing Rhinoplasty surgery, such as being unhappy with the shape and size of the nose and wishing to correct nose positioning following an accident.

The majority of Dr. Ellis’ Rhinoplasty patients were unhappy with the appearance of their nose, deeming it too long, twisted or too big. The Cosmetic Surgeon also pointed out the large number of patients requesting noses resembling those of their favourite celebrities. Popular celeb noses include: George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp for men, and Nicole Kidman, Kate Middleton and Halle Berry for women.

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