11 October 2011

75627514New figures have shown a significant rise in the number of women asking for cosmetic gynaecology in Spain. Experts believe that the rise in demand is partly due to an increase in the rate of divorce, with other specific groups of patients including Muslim and Gypsy women.The most popular cosmetic surgery procedures are said to be liposculpture of the pubic mound, vaginal tightening, reduction of the vaginal lips and restoration of the hymen. The findings were revealed at this years Conference of the Spanish Society of Medicine for Anti-Ageing and Longevity (SEMAL). Experts said that these types of surgery are most popular with women aged between 50 and 60 years old who are looking to reverse the visible signs of ageing, and with recently divorced women. It is believed that these women are concerned about the appearance of their genitals once they are newly single. The President of SEMAL closed the conference by saying that there are several other ways in which women can reduce the signs of ageing: giving up smoking, staying positive and eating healthily.