Rise in grooms undergoing Botox before wedding day

16 May 2016

Rise in grooms undergoing Botox before wedding day

When it comes to wedding preparations, it’s traditionally the bride who stresses about looking perfect for the big day. Now though, grooms are getting in on the act too with an increasing number of husbands-to-be undergoing Botox and other treatments in order to look their best on their wedding day.

According to The New York Times, grooms are looking to have Dermal Fillers, Line & Wrinkle treatment, Laser Hair Removal and reduce fat with Sculpting treatments.

Psychology Professor at Wagner College in New York, Miles Groth, explained the rise is down to a change in social perceptions that men and women should be treated equally.

He said: “For a very long time, emphasis was placed on what a man did, not how he looked, while women were judged on the opposite. We’ve gone away from that.

“Today there’s as much pressure on men to look good and take care of themselves as there is on women. That’s a new phenomenon. Men are now being judged on their job, on the quality of the bride, and on how they look, which is why these kinds of enhancements have become more acceptable and almost expected.”

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Image credit: MrGarry/ Shutterstock.com