15 February 2011

The number of men opting for male chest reduction surgery rose sharply during January, according to experts. A report published by the Echo newspaper today suggests that more men than ever are enquiring about cosmetic surgery procedures to change the way they look and increase self-confidence. Treatments for gynaecomastia or man boobs are said to be topping the list. When interviewed, consultant plastic surgeon Dr Venkat Ramakrishnan said: We feel it is important to remind people that having cosmetic surgery is a very serious, life-changing decision and one which should not be rushed or taken lightly. Women and men should not let their eagerness for change overpower their ability to make a responsible choice about their surgeon and hospital. A spokesperson for NHS South East Essex echoed Dr Ramakrishnans concerns, pointing out that gynaecomastia can be caused by liver abnormality, or breast or testicular cancer, and that these conditions should always be ruled out by a GP before cosmetic surgery is performed.