06 July 2012

More mums are making the decision not to put up with their post-pregnancy body and choosing instead to reclaim the figure they had before giving birth. Having children can have some acute effects on a woman's body and according to Rhode Island plastic surgeon Dr Lori Polacek, an increasing number of mothers are choosing to have these changes reversed.Mummy makeovers involve a number of procedures being carried out at once, which may include liposuction, a tummy tuck and breast enhancement surgery. "From what I've seen at my practice, the number of mothers looking to reclaim their original figures through plastic surgery has grown considerably," Dr Polacek said. "I credit recent advances in both surgical and anaesthetic techniques, which have made it safer and more efficient to perform multiple surgeries at once." Dr Polacek also believes that the faster recovery rates mean women are happier to have multiple procedures carried out, content in the knowledge that they will soon be able to carry on with their normal daily life. She added: "I think busy mums are more comfortable sculpting their bodies from a multi-directional approach, knowing that they'll be back to their normal routines sooner."