Rose Byrne talks beauty

9 June 2015

Rose Byrne has always been considered a classic beauty. With her perfectly styled hair and flawlessly applied makeup, she’s nothing short of a superstar.

The Australian actress spoke about her love of makeup and how her beauty regime differs from her mum’s.

She said: “Growing up, my mum never wore a lot of make-up, she was very natural. However it’s important to take care of yourself and it doesn’t hurt to put on a bit of lipstick.”

Rose found out at a young age that she was allergic to many of the chemicals found in beauty products so she has to take care when choosing her makeup and Skin Care.

Despite this, the star wears makeup every day, swearing by lip stains and tinted moisturiser to achieve a healthy glow.

She also pays great attention to her skin, religiously applying sunscreen, a lesson she learnt from growing up in the sun in Australia.

Her mantra is that beauty comes from within, although she admits she finds it unfair that women come under so much scrutiny for their looks, especially in the film industry.

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Image Credit: Joe Seer/