Round-up of weird and wonderful beauty trends

2 April 2015

Where beauty is concerned, nothing is ever too bizarre – so we’ve rounded up our favourite weird and wonderful new beauty trends.

A huge hit in the US, it looks as though Breast Milk Facials could soon be on offer here in the UK. The treatment is said to improve the condition of your skin on account of the anti-bacterial properties of breast milk, which can be used to help with eczema, wrinkles, sun burn and Acne.

Fed up of your sagging double chin? Thanks to our brand new I-Lipo Xcell treatment, you can wave goodbye to photoshopping every photo taken of you. This painless treatment combines vacuum massage, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and radio frequency to eliminate excess fat around the chin.

Put down your pumice stone – baby soft soles can be yours courtesy of the Acid Sole Soak, which sloughs away hard, dead skin to leave you with super smooth soles you can show off in time for summer.

Finally, for a plump pout, look no further than the new non-invasive lip treatment. Dubbed Cinderella Lips (on account of the treatment lasting just 12 hours), this treatment offers you a temporary solution to plump lips – ideal for a big night out or simply for trialling a plumper pout before opting for more permanent Fillers.

If you could invent a weird and wonderful treatment, what would it be? Share your ideas on Twitter.




Image Credit Attribution: Kharichkina/iStock/Thinkstock