Rumer Willis opens up about Cosmetic Surgery

29 October 2014

As a well-known actress and the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, it’s inevitable that Rumer Willis will have an opinion about her looks. She’s only 26 years old but Rumer Willis seems to know exactly where she’s at when it comes to her appearance.

Rumer has recently denied rumours that she has had Cosmetic Surgery, though the actress has not ruled out any procedures in the future and has confirmed that if she was to have any, she wouldn’t lie about it.

She said: “If all of a sudden you jump from being an A cup to like double Ds, people know. I just think you have to be who you are and own it, and not be ashamed and feel like you have to apologise,"

She continued to say that surgery is not something to be ashamed of: “If I do want to do that – If I want to get a boob job or change things about myself – I'm not going to lie about myself. And if I choose to do something to myself, it's because I've thought about it. And if it's going to make me feel better, I won't be ashamed of the choices that I make."

It’s clear that Rumer Willis is confident when it comes to her appearance and how she sees herself – will you be following her advice? Let us know on our Facebook page.




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