21 September 2010

Australian actress Nicole Kidman is well known for her statuesque looks and fair skin, but she's recently also become the centre of speculation over whether she makes use of Botox to retain her smooth skin. The recipient of many movie awards, Nicole is currently promoting her role in Rabbit Hole, also starring Aaron Eckhart. However, the actress's flawless complexion has provoked a number of rumours. John Cameron Mitchell, the director of Rabbit Hole, has even been approached and quizzed on whether he believes his leading lady has had any non surgical cosmetic procedures. In a recent interview with Movieline, the director explained that he had no idea whether Nicole had ever used Botox or not, and discussed her willingness to disregard her looks for the good of the film instead. He added: "We didnt glam her up; shes a beautiful woman anyway. But for the first time, she feels like shes her age. She wasnt afraid of the shots where she just doesnt look good weeping, this and that. She went all the way." Nonetheless, it seems that speculation surrounding the star is set to continue. Over the years, it has been claimed that Nicole had a mummy makeover following the birth of her daughter in 2010 and many media commentators have debated whether she had a boob job and a nose job in the early says of her long career. A red carpet appearance at the end of last year also caused surgeons to question whether she'd had work done, with Dr Sherrell J. Aston telling Make Me Heal: "Nicole Kidman appears to have had some Botox in her forehead and around the eyes. "I think that she is a beautiful woman that is aging very well."