25 October 2011

Rumours are circulating that Megan Fox has had dermal fillers after pictures were published that appeared to show her with a fuller-looking face. The 25-year-old actress, who was voted The Worlds Sexiest Woman by FHM in 2008, appeared at the premiere of her latest film Puss In Boots on Sunday, looking noticeably different. Beverley Hills plastic surgeon Brooke Barlow suggested to RadarOnline that Fox may have had dermal fillers in her chin and cheeks.Megan definitely has had some work done, said Barlow. I would say either fat transfer or dermal fillers. You can tell in the fullness of her cheek and chin. Where there was once a more defined zygomatic arch [cheek bone], now she is round and full. Also, her naso-labial folds are non-existent due to the fullness in her mid face that lifts the cheek. It is not the first time Fox has been the subject of cosmetic surgery rumours a few years ago it was suggested that the Transformers star had undergone breast enlargement surgery.