31 July 2009

Rumours that international football star Ronaldo has chosen to undergo liposuction have begun circulating following a recent operation to mend two broken bones in his left hand. Several news reports have surfaced claiming that numerous sources close to the star have revealed his decision to undergo the fat reducing surgery. Spanish paper AS has claimed that the Corinthians striker was originally planning to have the operation in December, at the end of the Brazilian season, but that he instead took advantage of the enforced downtime caused by the surgery on his hand. There has been no official confirmation or denial from Ronaldo, but Corinthian's Goalkeeper spoke up. According to news site, he said: "If Ronaldo did have liposuction, he is going to fly. It will only be good for the team. People have constantly been grinding him, but he continues to score goals. "If he really went through a liposuction, he will be thinner and cause more of a headache for other teams." The team's doctor also spoke to the press and USA Today reports that doctor Joaquim Grava told Terra Web site: "There are certain things a doctor can talk about, but others only with the consent of the patient. "I am not allowed to confirm if the [surgery] has been done or not." Liposuction is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery option for men who find that there are certain areas of fat that cannot be shifted by diet and exercise alone. Whether Ronaldo has undergone cosmetic surgery or not he is expected to return to the pitch after the summer and is due to play for the Corinthians in their match against Santos on September 5.