18 August 2011

83496541Mexican actress Salma Hayek has said that while she doesnt intend to have cosmetic surgery, she understands why other people do. Hayek, star of comedy film Grown Ups and executive producer of hit television show Ugly Betty, made her views known in an interview to be published in the September issue of Allure magazine. In the interview, the 44-year-old attributed her young-looking skin and hair to her mother.She started working on my skin when I was 12 or 13, I never used soap on my face. Once, she shaved our heads and put egg on it and all these things. But I have to give her credit my hair is great, she said. While Hayek has not had any cosmetic treatments, she says she does understand the urge to slow down the natural ageing process and therefore the reason why so many people have plastic surgery.