Scientists claim we could live to see our 120th birthday

10 November 2014

There’s a huge focus on Anti-Ageing in today’s society – with record numbers of people opting for Cosmetic Surgery and Laser & Skin treatments in a bid to erase the years and slow down the effects of Ageing. Now scientists are claiming that Anti-Ageing could be easier than we think, suggesting that we could all live to see our 120th birthday – as long as we eat more healthily and do more exercise.

A new study has found that making simple changes to our lifestyle could increase our life expectancy from 80 to 84, with the healthiest of people having the potential to live until the age of 120.

Dame Karen Dunnell said: “The ageing process is a biologically complex thing.

“What we were trying to do is look into the biology of ageing and see what does really work. We found that having a long and healthy life is largely related to lifestyle and diet.”

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