Scientists have determined how much sleep we need

Scientists have determined how much sleep we need

10 October 2014

It’s a common belief that we need around seven or eight hours of a sleep a night – but thanks to the recent research conducted by a group of Finnish scientists, they’ve determined that a woman requires 7.6 hours per night while a man has to have 7.8 hours of sleep; particularly if you want to minimise the risk of having any sick days from work.

Taking statistics comparing Finland’s Social Insurance Institution sickness absence data with a health report of 3,760 participants monitoring their daytime sleeping patterns, the results showed that “among women, after adjusting for age, insomnia-related symptoms, early morning awakenings, being more tired than others, and use of sleeping pills were associated with sickness absence,” the optimal amount of rest per night was found to be 7.6 hours.

But for those who aren’t so lucky to pack in this recommended amount of sleep during their bedtime, this greatly speeds up the Ageing process – with a study undertaken last year showing that a lack of sleep can in fact double the signs of Ageing skin.

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