12 August 2011

86806897Scottish women will spend an average of 100,000 each on anti-ageing products to stay looking young into old age. This is the conclusion of new research which found that those asked spent on average between 30 and 50 a month on anti-ageing creams and other cosmetic treatments to keep their skin looking young. Perhaps more surprisingly, the survey also revealed that women would spend 7,000 on counselling to help them come to terms with the prospect of growing old.One in six women said that they dreaded the thought of ending up looking like their mothers and this was enough to justify an average spend of 100,000 over a lifetime on trying to stop this from happening. Despite these figures, Scottish women were still happier with their looks than women in London. Seven in ten women living in the capital said they were unhappy with the way they looked and how they were ageing.