Sensational at 61, we definitely want to hear Christie Brinkley’s anti-ageing advice

16 November 2015

A former Playboy and Sports Illustrated cover girl, Christie Brinkley still looks incredible at the age of 61. In a recent interview she talked openly about the trial and error process she’s gone through with anti-ageing treatments and how she’s written a book to give other women a short cut guide to long-lasting beauty.

Christie is a huge fan of Non Surgical Treatments, using Botox injections in her neck, Dermal Fillers around her mouth, Radio Wave Therapy to address the sagging skin on her knees and “miraculous” Laser Skin Treatments to rejuvenate her complexion.

The model turned to Botox injections when she noticed prominent vertical wrinkles in her neck, which she said were exaggerated in certain lights. She was thrilled with the results of the injections which tightened up her jaw line and double chin area.

Dermal Fillers are another of Christie’s favourite anti-ageing treatments. The 61 year old said her secret was to only use, “super-tiny doses” in the lines around her mouth and to plump out an indentation in her forehead, left by a childhood injury. Christie also recommends dermal Fillers for pockmarks, wrinkles or a, “scowl that does not reflect your attitude.”

Christie’s long, blonde hair is a big part of her signature look, but she noticed it starting to thin after three pregnancies and going through the menopause. To keep her hair looking luscious, Christie wears hair extensions. “Longer, thicker hair will always make you look youthful, so popping on an extension – a type of hairpiece that you stick, clip or weave in to blend with your real hair – is my favourite quick and easy way.”

What do you think of Christie’s look, will you be trying any of her favourite anti-ageing treatments? Tell us today on Twitter.



Image credit: christiebrinkley/ Instagram