07 September 2009

I was so excited to hear that the Sex and the City girls are back for a second film and judging by some of the news stories I've seen around, I'm not the only one to feel that way. Filming has already started in Manhattan and apparently fans have flocked to see the fabulous four in the flesh. And no wonder, the ladies are all looking as amazing as ever. The Daily Mail even said that there were so many people trying to see their idols that a scene with Cynthia Nixon had to be rescheduled to avoid the crowds. It's great to see that the ladies from SATC are as popular as ever, especially as so many people think that only young women are worth writing about these days. In their forties and fifties, the actresses that embody the SATC vibe just go to show how attractive women with a few more years behind them can be. The lovely ladies have had a number of cosmetic surgery procedures between them, from SJP's mole removal to the rumours about Cynthia Nixon's supposed breast enlargement and Kristin Davis having varicose veins removed. And stunning Kim Cattrall has talked about her fondness for Botox in the past too. Personally I think they all look great and whatever they are doing seems to be working for them. While I'm still a little sad the show isn't on TV anymore, I can't wait to see what they've dreamed up for the second movie. I'm looking forward to seeing all their stunning shoes and frocks on the big screen.