08 August 2008

One of my favourite programmes has got to be Sex and the City - and I know I'm certainly not alone there. The show may be gone but it's definitely not forgotten! My friends and I loved the recent film - and it probably brought the fab four a whole load of new fans too. They always look so fantastic, from the Manolos to their wonderful, individual hairstyles. And if recent rumours are to be believed, some of the quartet may have undergone cosmetic surgery to keep up those gorgeous looks and the latest stories are spiralling around the dazzling Sarah Jessica Parker herself. Maybe you've already heard the most recent rumours about SJP, if not I'll fill you in - her trademark mole seems to be missing! Recent photos of her at a baseball game distinctively show a lack of beauty marks - although the actress denies having any surgery. While some people might find it strange that she'd have surgery after SatC, I wouldn't be shocked if the fashion icon of the noughties had decided to go for it. It's well-known that facial moles need to be checked and monitored and many people undergo the simple procedure for medical as well as cosmetic reasons. What's more, I remember the New York Post reporting that both Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis decided on cosmetic surgery after seeing themselves on the big screen. Rumours abounded that Cynthia had a breast augmentation and Kristin had varicose veins removed from her legs - maybe SJP was encouraged by her co-stars? What's your opinion? Has she or hasn't she? And if you think she has, will you miss her beauty spot or do you think she looks better without it? Personally, I think she looks great either way, and whatever she chooses to do, I think she'll be a style guru for years to come - as will all of the Sex and the City girls