26 January 2009

Stories in the news today saying that breast surgery is on the rise despite the gloomy financial times we're in don't surprise me at all. Women need to feel good about themselves and that can be difficult if you're unhappy about the size of your breasts. What's great about the time we're living is that, these days, normal women have the power to do something about it. Here at Harley we like to keep things real, and people's expectations realistic - that's why we're so happy to have Claire Thornton as our newest model. The beautiful 26 year old had a breast augmentation with us after a lot of hard work dieting left her with boobs she described as "droopy". This unwanted side effect popped up when she dropped from a size 14 to a size 8 and her breasts shrunk from a 36D to a 34B. She ended up hating the way they looked, so rather than suffer from a lack of confidence, Claire decided to do something about it. Now she's confident enough to show the whole world how happy she is with her figure by becoming our poster girl! We're really pleased that, rather than being ashamed of her wonderful body as she was in danger of becoming, Claire is instead so content with herself that she's happy to share her story with everyone.