08 March 2010

Sharon Osbourne has said she would turn to cosmetic surgery again in the future, as she always wants to look "nice" for her rocker husband Ozzy Osbourne, The Britain's Got Talent judge told that she was happy with all of her previous plastic surgery procedures, which included a face lift, tummy tuck and breast lift .57-year-old Sharon said: "I had my facelift nine years ago and a couple of years ago I had all my jowly bits removed, but I'd never mess with my eyes or mouth. I've got good skin, but then it's never been out in the sun. When people say women should grow old gracefully, I'm like 'Shut up!'" Sharon also revealed: "I like to feel nice for Ozzy. God knows he stuck by me all those years when I looked like a bin-bag. Would I have another facelift? Yes." Sharon also said she wants to make the most of her time with her husband of 27 years while he's alive, as she dreads the day Ozzy dies. After the rock star was involved in a quad bike accident in 2003, she vowed to cherish every moment they had together. "I had a fear, an emptiness. I just want to be with my hubby, wherever he is. If I'm with him then I'm fine," she explained. Last week, Sharon's daughter Kelly denied having cosmetic surgery to achieve her new svelte figure, but said she might consider following her mother into surgery in the future.