07 February 2013

Former Olympic swimming champion and member of the muscle-bound team on TV show Gladiators Sharron Davies has spoken to a British newspaper about the hard work she has had to put herself through to stay in shape and has admitted to undergoing regular Botox treatments, as well as having a breast enlargement operation. She also said she had tried lip fillers but that she was happy with what nature had given her, and had not undergone the procedure since."I [also] like to have a dermabrasion treatment every now and then," she told the Daily Mail. "I had one just before the Olympics, when I knew I was going to be on camera a lot." But her simplest secret to looking good at 50 is one most women can share: "Ive been fanatical about all-over moisturising from an early age," she said. "I had to be, or my skin would have been dry and itchy with all the swimming. Ive kept up the habit for more than 40 years, and it has paid dividends." Her breast augmentation operation was carried out after her son Elliott, now 19, was born, she said: "After breastfeeding Elliott my bust shrank to nothing. The augmentation took me back to my natural size of 36C/D." But she warned women against expecting breast augmentation operations to last a lifetime. "Young girls who rush out and have boob jobs in their twenties dont realise that implants may have to [be] replaced every ten years", she said. But Davies also swears by her long-standing exercise regime, which sees her work out for an hour three times a week. Although, she said: "Now I fit my workouts around my life, rather than the other way round."