25 November 2010

After wowing on the red carpet at the recent Country Music Awards, commentators have begun to speculate whether singer Sheryl Crow has enhanced her looks by turning to non surgical treatments. has reported that the Grammy award-winning musician looked remarkably youthful and fresh-faced at the event, despite having "been a part of the rough and tumble music industry for years."In the past, the surgery website has attributed Crow's smooth complexion to line- and wrinkle-erasing dermal fillers and has earlier speculated that the singer may have used Botox, teeth whitening and dental veneers to correct a "previously gummy smile." Though the cosmetic surgery news source said Crow's forehead is smooth and wrinkle-free, the starlet can still crinkle around her eyes, giving the impression that a "natural approach" to Botox has been used - with only small amounts being strategically injected by a skilled professional. "Sheryl Crow has a radiant glow about her and you can tell that she takes great care of herself and her skin," Dr Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon, told Make Me Heal."She appears that she may have had a little Botox to her forehead, but that's about it for cosmetic treatments." However, the website noted that Dr. Anthony Youn earlier claimed that the singer was likely to use skin peels to keep her complexion looking radiant and youthful. "Like Susan Sarandon," Youn said, "she's likely taken good care of her skin with top-quality skin care products and chemical peels."