Signing in their sixties in style

14 May 2009

Growing old, like growing up, might be a scary concept to just about everybody once in a while, but getting older certainly doesn't mean giving up. Just look at some of the pop stars out there defying popular opinion and wowing us - they've still got it and can hold their own against budding starlets. I'm thinking of Cher for definite here - she stepped out in that teeny little black body suit that first drew gasps in back in 1992 this week despite being in her sixties. And then there's Madonna (50) and Kylie (40), who both look fabulous even though they are decades older than many of their pop contemporaries. It seems that in the twenty first century you don't have to stop wearing the clothes you like and doing the things you love as you move into your 'golden years' - all it takes is the right attitude. Cher is a self confessed poster girl for cosmetic surgery, having had everything from non surgical solutions such as Botox injections to a boob job over her years in the public eye, and it's served her well. Dolly Parton is another ageing icon who refuses to go quietly into her 60s and both of these superstars believe that their chosen career means that it's their duty to their fans to look good. While you may only have a duty to yourself, that's not any less important in my opinion - whether you want to look good in eye catching outfits, sing along at the karaoke, enjoy holidays with your best friends or simply make the most of your spare time, age shouldn't ever be a limitation!