Signs your hair is ageing and how you can combat it

Signs your hair is ageing and how you can combat it

4 April 2016

Signs your hair is ageing and how you can combat it

Whether it’s laughter lines and crow’s feet or wrinkled hands, our bodies often give away tell-tale signs of ageing. While you can invest in products and undergo treatments to reverse the hands of time, it’s a little different when it comes to your hair. So just how old is your hair making you look and how can you turn back the clock? Expert Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver explains all.

  • In your 20s

“Hair in your 20s should still be as thick and lustrous as it was in your teens,” explains Sally-Ann. That means this is the ideal time for a little experimentation. Change the colour, grow it long, style it curly or straight – it’s up to you!

And if your hair isn’t so great? This could be a sign of iron deficiency or another underlying health problem which Sally-Ann advises to get checked out sooner rather than later so you can fix it before it gets too late.

  • In your 30s

Changes to your lifestyle during your thirties can have an adverse effect on your hair. Giving birth, sleep deprivation and fast-paced way of life can all lead to thinning and in some cases, hair loss.

How can you fix it? Sally-Ann recommends taking an iron supplement to get your ferritin level to 100, as well as Laser therapy to stimulate hair follicles.

  • In your 40s

The three big issues affecting your hair in your forties include hormones, iron deficiency and stress. It’s around this time of your life that you’ll likely notice thinning or even alopecia.

Sally-Ann says: “Hopefully in your 40s you’ll have a bit more money to spend on yourself and more time to invest in your hair – whether that’s more regular trips to the hairdresser or finding products which suit you better.”

She advises having a blood test to check your hormone and iron levels. If everything’s well there, you may need to use topical lotions or undergo Laser therapy to give your hair a helping hand.

  • In your 50s

You’ll likely go through the menopause at some point in your fifties, which, you guessed it, can have an adverse effect on the quality of your hair. If hair loss is in your genes, you’ll notice it now more than ever. If your former hair loss was related to iron deficiency though, you may notice your hair improving in quality as your iron stores will be maintained from stopping your periods.

Apply a stimulating lotion twice a day. Laser therapy can help to stimulate circulation to the hair follicle, which helps to regulate hair growth and prevent loss.

  • In your 60s

It’s no surprise that many women opt for shorter dos in their sixties as hair becomes even finer and treatments less effective. It’s vital therefore that you take extra care of your hair at this age.

Sally-Ann recommends investing in a home laser therapy gadget that sits on your head and stimulates your scalp and follicles.

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