17 December 2012

It has been 50 years since plastic surgeons first started using silicone implants for breast enhancement procedures. The Las Vegas Review-Journal pointed out that over the years, women have been inspired by many different famous women when it comes to getting their breasts enlarged.Currently, many women in the US are keen to have breasts like reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson, while the opening sequence of Baywatch that showed Pamela Anderson running down a beach inspired many people to go under the knife in the mid-90s. Discussing the benefits of silicone implants over saline alternatives, Dr Geaorge Alexander said: Saline feels like a water balloon. Silicone feels more like your own breast tissue. Plastic surgeon Jeffrey Roth, who works in Las Vegas, pointed out that for many people who live in the city, getting silicone breast implants is the norm. "It's part of the glitz and glamour that is Las Vegas, which is different than in other cities. For a lot of people, it's part of their currency, he stated.