13 February 2009

Two American women are suffering serious health injuries after they chose to have their buttocks injected with a homemade silicon solution to enhance their looks. The mistake has cosmetic surgery clinics and surgeons around the world reminding patients to seek out qualified practitioners to avoid potentially fatal side effects. Both women have been hospitalised after they became gravely ill.The woman who performed the injections has been arrested and charged on two counts of practising medicine without a licence, a felony that could come with a five-year jail sentence. It's thought that Sharhonda Lindsay injected a concoction of silicone gel and saline that she made in her kitchen into the women's buttocks. One of the women became so ill that she suffered damage to her kidneys that had her requiring dialysis. Medical experts believe that Lindsay may have injected the solution in a blood vessel by mistake. Cosmetic surgeons have warned that seeking unlicensed people to perform cosmetic surgery procedures is extremely dangerous, with many warning that it could become increasingly popular as the current economic recession leaves many with less money for cosmetic surgery. One surgeon, Dr Julius Few, told Med Headlines that many people are turning to cheap substitutes like paraffin wax and vegetable and baby oils for cheap alternatives to non-surgical procedures like Botox and dermal fillers. He has founded a coalition with other surgeons to warn patients about the risks associated with the practice. Surgeons are urging patients to seek out qualifications for surgeons whether they work in hotels, spas or out of homes. They note that all cosmetic treatments should be done by licensed practitioners like dermatologists or plastic or cosmetic surgeons in safe, sterile environment.