08 March 2011

Government officials have confirmed that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has undergone cosmetic surgery to his face. Berlusconi, 74, is said to have had the surgery in a bid to repair damage sustained in an altercation with Massimo Tartaglia, a member of the public, in 2009. During the attack, a man carrying a replica model of Milans cathedral reportedly hit the ageing Prime Minister in the face, causing significant injury. According to a report in NewsTime, Berlusconi had the surgery in his hometown of Milan. An Italian Government official said: he underwent a maxillofacial operation with bone transplant and implant, aiming to reconstitute the anatomy and his ability to chew. Tartaglia was said to be unfit to stand trial for the charges of aggravated assault because he was deemed not to have been aware of his actions. Berlusconi, however, may soon face three charges of fraud.