26 August 2008

Music industry mogul and X-Factor presenter Simon Cowell has indicated that all women over 40 should undergo cosmetic surgery, according to Now Magazine.

The 48-year old, who is currently dating 34-year old Terri Seymour, once said: "I'd make it compulsory for every woman over 40 [to have plastic surgery]," the magazine states.

In the past, Cowell has stated that he has never undergone any plastic surgery procedures but admitted that he has received Botox injections.

The news comes shortly after it was revealed that new X-Factor judge and Girls Aloud singer, Cheryl Cole, claimed that fellow judge Danny Minogue had had "too much plastic surgery".

In fact, cosmetic surgery appears to be a running theme with X-Factor judges. Irishman Louis Walsh told New! magazine last year that he would "definitely consider having surgery".

What's more, Sharon Osbourne, a former X-Factor judge, revealed last year that she had spent 120, 000 on cosmetic surgery, according to Female First.

Reportedly, the 51-year old celebrity underwent a brow-lift, a face lift, liposuction on her neck and a tummy tuck. She added: "I had my bum lifted and implants inserted. And I had my legs lifted.

"The total cost was 120, 000 and it was worth every last penny. I love cosmetic surgery."

Cowell's suggestion that all women over 40 should have plastic surgery seems to be shared by 50-year old singer Madonna, who is said to be considering a range of surgical options, including a breast enlargement.

According to recent studies, the two most popular surgical procedures for women aged 50 to 55 are a face lift and eye bag removal.