11 November 2009

Well, I knew that Simon's blend of cheekiness and downright rudeness was popular, but I had no idea that he was so well loved. Turns out the music mogul has been named as the top earning man on American prime time TV! Can you believe that he's reported to have earned 75 million dollars last year? That's just crazy. He's been doing the American Idol shows for a while now, but I've always just thought of him as a British star - I guess maybe because he's on our screens so often. I'll surely be looking at him with different eyes on the next episode of the X Factor, now I know how much he's worth. No wonder he's looking sharper as he gets older, I bet he's got people to help him choose his clothes these days. Although his horrible high-waisted trousers certainly did get people talking about him way back when. Of course, Simon is a big fan of botox and cosmetic surgery too, which no doubt help him stay looking dapper. He's managed to persuade fellow judge Louis to have some non surgical treatments too - I suppose if you were going to take advice from anyone, someone as successful as Simon seems like a wise choice. Second on the top earners list from Forbes was Donald Trump, while Ryan Seacrest was number three. Keifer Sutherland may have only made it to number seven, but if we were going by cuteness rather than money earned he'd definitely be at the top in my list.